Friday, March 18th, 2022

Mentoring Articles

Career Change?

Questions you need to ask yourself before plunging into a new career.  Why? Is it because you are bored and just want a change? Is it because current pay is low and you want to an increase in pay? Have you been made redundant? Is your family life being affected by your current job?  What? What do you want to do, which career do you want to move into? What are your current skills and what skills do... [Read more]

Different Routes to Getting a Degree

Traditional route to University is to do A levels after GCSE but there are other valid alternatives.  Alternative to A Levels are  BTEC National Certificates / Diplomas and NVQ – these are work related qualifications that also satisfy entry requirements to most courses. Visit UCAS  for entry requirements for different courses in different universities. They can be done full or part time to suit... [Read more]

Connect with a Mentor

The Merriam-Webster defines a mentor as “a trusted counsellor or guide.” The main job of the mentor is to guide and help the mentee achieve his/her set goals. A mentor is usually older and more experienced than the mentee. Mentors have usually walked through similar paths as the mentees; they’ve made their mistakes and know what works and what doesn’t. Their desire is help the meentee... [Read more]

Failed Your Exams! – There is Life After Failure

You’ve got your result and it is Grade Fs, if it is A levels, it means university doors may be shut, If it is undergraduate studies, it may mean retakes or withdrawal from the course. Right now you think it is all over. You are embarrassed, parents are disappointed, you want to hide, not answer your phone or pretend it doesn’t matter. Below are some steps to consider, going from one step to another... [Read more]

Making That Important Career Choice

  How to choose a Career:- There are many factors* to consider in choosing a career but the biggest factor is YOU. Discover who you really are before making that important Career decision. What are your SKILLS*, INTERESTS*, VALUES* and PERSONAL STYLES*.   Your Ideal Career:– Wondering what to do with your life or which career you should be getting into. Use Career Explorer Tool* to generate different... [Read more]